1. To
    promote Schooling and skills development among youth with particular emphasis
    on girls and women.
  2. To
    provide Science, Technical and Vocational education for youth through training
    and capacity building at local, national and regional levels.
  3. To
    promote entrepreneurships among youth through Agribusiness and
    commercialization of natural products.
  4. To
    provide Health promotion and health maintenance programs to communities.
  5. To
    reduce impact of climate change on local communities through promotion of
    research on climate science and community based adaptation to climate change.

Future Goals:

  1. Establishment of Technical
    & Vocational Informal Education Skills Lab for out of school boys and
    girls in order to reduce youth unemployment in the north-east Nigeria.
  2. Establishment of sports track
    for girls and women sports to promotes WCBA health and foster females
  3. Scaling up square box farming
    (vegetable production) around the Science Village for school meals and
    impacting agribusiness skills to the youth.
  4. Intensify goats and birds
    farming as an income generating activity to the NGO.