SVG’s thematic areas of expertise

  1. Formal
    education: Montessori, Primary, Secondary education
  2. Informal
    Education: for youth and adult
  3. Community
    based adaptation to climate change
  4. Women
    health and Empowerment
  5. Agripreneurships
  6. Technical
    and Vocational education
  7. Project
    management & Project evaluation
  8. Research
  9. Health
  10. ICT4D

SVG’s Adaptation Mechanism to climate change and scarcity of resources

has a hydra-form bricks industry where it produces the bricks it needs for
constructions. As such, the entire Science Village buildings are weather
adaptive, low cost hydra-form buildings. 
SVG has a farm where it rear quails birds, Guinea fowls, Turkeys, Ducks
and goats that serves as food security to the SVG staff as well as income
generating activity.